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In honor of any woman who has had heart disease, fibroids, obesity diagnosis, high blood pressure, diabetes, miscarriage, physical injuries, depression, anxiety, cancer, and the many other medical challenges that we aim to overcome with grace and clarity.

Know exactly what to ask your doctors and plan your next steps. You’ve received a diagnosis, but it’s not who you are. This power planner is a critical resource for your medical library. A companion on your night stand. Take your health into your hands.

Every medical office needs this resource to offer patients. Every friend can give this as a gift.  This power planner – a timeless resource – was inspired by Dr. Edwards’ own patient experience, family experiences, and health professional expertise.

It’s hard cover, purse-sized, and packed with more content than you can imagine.  The planner is available here, and at Barnes & Noble online, Amazon, Lulu, and major online book retailers.  Indie bookstores, hospitals, and other retailers may purchase the paperback wholesale through Ingram.